The future of music has no genres. Verizon wants to own the future of music. In order to own the future of music, Verizon has to start by helping blur the lines (literally) that exist.

On June 1st, for World Music Day, we’ll get rid of the music genre labels on the Apple Music app. For one day, users won’t be able to search for songs by genres and their genre playlists will not be searchable.

Is that folk-rock or Electroacoustic? Who cares as long as it sounds good.

Copywriter: Carlos Matias
Art Director: Ana Aguilar, Natali Cabrera, Alyssa Williams

Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 8.48.37 AM.png

We’ll install interactive billboards in high-traffic areas around major cities.  The billboard will be controlled by passersby who can can mix and match lyrics of different songs using their body movements. A shareable video of their creation will be shared to Verizon’s Instagram.